Top 10 Small Business Public Relations Mistakes To Avoid

Establishing and building an internet business is never an easy thing. Just like any type of business, it has its ups and downs. To help you get the most out of your online business, take note of the following internet business tips.

You can try many Facebook training systems for free. Beware the free gifts or trials that ask for your credit card number. The person who is making money on Facebook here is not you. It is only my opinion but Free and Credit Card are mutually exclusive. Don’t you want a system you can respect and trust? I don’t respect or trust people who are trying to trick me and I bet you don’t either.

Ask conversational questions, but nothing like “Do you want to buy xxx product yes or no?”. Ask questions like “So, how do you know so-and-so?” or “What do you do for entertainment?”. And “LISTEN” to their answers. Don’t respond like some robot with an agenda. Be real. Be human.

If you’re involved in the realm of social media for startups, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Content is King.” You may have even had it beaten into your head. You’re probably sick of hearing it. However, what exactly is good content, and how will it help promote your company?

So don’t try to market any products just yet. You will need to network with people and engage them as much as possible. This simple thing is enough to expose you to others and help them remember you.

Chris Baggott, CEO and Co-Founder of Compendium Blogware, gave an awesome presentation entitled “Blogging and Social Media Synergy.” In it he stressed a constant flow of fresh content on your blog. Why? Because according to HubSpot, blogs drive the most traffic to websites – up to 4 times more! Additionally, “content curation” and “multi-tasking marketing” became Baggot’s buzz words of the hour. Think about that when you create your next social media strategy for startups!

Make follow-ups. After generating more leads, spend at least a couple of hours everyday doing follow-ups to those people who have shown their interest over your products and services. Send them with follow-up emails that highlight the benefits of your offerings or call them up. Do not give up until these people say no or until they buy from your competitors (of course, you can’t let that happen).

There is no dearth of companies offering the best of the Search Engine Optimization services, but only the ones that know the mantra of outperforming others with the Search Engine Optimization tips are the ones that make a mark.