Small Business Management Success

One of the best parts of my jobs is getting to travel around the Philly area. I get to go to meetings and seminars and talk to people first hand. Sometimes I am hosting these meetings and workshops. Others I am going to talk with other experts in certain fields. Either way, attendees share with me what their organization is doing as their marketing strategy.

Who will read your blog? Why? Visit startup social media strategy sites and forums, and investigate your audience. If the audience isn’t online, you won’t have readers, so make sure that they’re online.

Some background information first. We are a site that focuses on the swedish people that want or may consider to emigrate to Norway for work. So we fokus on the swedish people but the clients are norwegian companies. Why instead of (Work in Norway in swedish)? First of all that was taken, second we wanted to build a brand name. Something that would easily stick of make an impression.

C. Loyalty. They have purchased a few or more items/services but you need more from them not necessarily more sales but more advocacy social media strategy of your brand.

For us there was always important to make sure that the information we provided was the best on the subject. (That really paid of in terms of links over time later on.) I would say that in order to get links today you really need to be the best out there with the social media startups media and the restless souls searching the web. The return button is only inces away all the time.

But there is a problem with that statement. It is not completely true. See it depends who are trying to ‘copy’. Art Williams is a legend in the MLM industry by starting the AL Williams company and taking the life insurance by storm. Getting into business during this time period is so much different then getting into business in the late 1770s. So even though Art Williams is a giant in the MLM industry, this time period is so much different then it was then.

A bench mark game might be “Civilization”. In this game, players are encouraged to take a civilization and guide it from the Bronze Age right through the present age. A game like this could be created around a brand. Players could give their insights on how the brand should develop. If done in this way, then customers would own the brand. This game would be a help to both the customers and the brand itself. There would be a large group involved in the game. There is wisdom in crowds. The crowd would figure out an infinite number of brand strategies. The marketers could watch this game unfold and adjust their brand strategies based on the information of the game. Through the use of an interesting game, that truly engages customers, a marketer could brand in real time.