How To Replace Suspension Bushings

This job requires a tube of lube, a vice or clamps, jack stands, a floor jack, a torque wrench, a flat head screwdriver, open end wrenches, something to catch gas, and a receptacle for brake fluid.

If it is your strut it may be leaking causing the same noise. I would recommend stopping by a good front end shop in your neck of the woods Bushings and Plain Bearings ask them to locate the noise by finding the culprit.

The first shooting supplies a hunter should consider are his guns. Entire books have been written on choosing the right gun, but suffice it to say, you get what you pay for. Since your gun is the central component for your other shooting supplies, do not get cheap here.

Look at where the arm mounts nearest the rear of the car. You will see a large rubber GGB Bearings housed in a bracket bolted to the chassis. Remove the two bolts holding this bracket to the car. The arm will now be only connected to the car by the inner ball joint.

Word of caution here.. Some of us use air tools so jacking the car up and zapping the bolts off it quite easy. For those using hand tools, it may be beneficial to you to break these bolts loose with the car still on the ground, but jacked up high enough to get under the car.

Now we know whether we need a drive gear or whole gear and sprocket assembly. So now we need to order the part or verify we have the correct part. The following part number is for chain drive gear and sprocket assembly’s only and should be part# 41C4220A. Just the drive gear kit should be part# 41A2817 and will work with both chain and belt driven openers. There are two belt drive gear and sprocket assembly’s. Please contact your manufacture with your opener model number to obtain the correct one. Otherwise perform a simple google search on the listed part numbers to find the best price.

Now remove the gearbox from the main drive wheel. Clean the main drive gear thoroughly with alcohol. Also, take the gearbox apart and clean out the old grease again using alcohol.

You’ll notice left over pieces when your done. This is where my instructions differ from the manufacture’s. You are supplied with everything to replace the worm gear and all the bushings. I have never had a worm gear or its bushing go bad on me. Ninety Nine Percent of the technicians in my area perform the gear replacement as stated above. I have ran into one or two that perform the whole task. I have found that most the do it yourselfers end up doing more harm than good when trying to use everything supplied. The choice is up to you. My advice is save the extra parts in case you ever need them again. I highly doubt you ever will.