Being Healthy And Happy: 15 Reasons You Still Don’t Take Care Of Yourself

That statement was Kathleen Stoll’s, director of health policy for the consumer health group Families USA*, in response to $10B in cuts to Medicaid in 2005. And it makes a point that many of the stories written about healthcare in the U.S. do not. That is, all this discourse about money- the billions cut in Medicaid health benefits to address a 7% increase in costs, the percent of costs covered by state and local government for the uninsured (which is about 85%, by the way), the $41B in costs that hospitals absorb for the uninsured – has an impact on real people. People like you and me, who play by the rules, pay their taxes, get up every morning to go to work, and come home everyday to their families.

St. Louis Blues v. 5. Los Angeles Kings: The Blues were a trendy Cup pick, but then they got off to a slow start. However, Ken Hitchcock remains a good coach, and the team righted the ship. Part of that was Brian Elliott not being terrible anymore. Granted, he didn’t play as well as he did last season, but he was good enough. The additions of Jay Bouwmeester, who finally is in the playoffs, and Jordan Leopold helped. This is still a team built around defense. Having T.J. Oshie being healthy would help.

I like to call it “being a man.” I know it’s painful, but you are going to have to be a man and own up to your responsibilities to yourself. No more feeling sorry for yourself! I know this sounds crazy, but every facet of your pain is only, over time, going to make you stronger and stronger. Know, that in time that pain is going to recede.

When you have the desire to change you will build a powerful “will to do”, or “will power”. Your “will to do” equals your inner energy. The energy you have from the cradle to the grave. You will begin to think differently, and as a result you will able to do ANYTHING that you desire. You will achieve a higher level of self mastery, leading to total control of your physical actions, and mental power.

First off I want to thank you guys for the nice responses and well wishes. They are very much appreciated. As I tell my story if anyone has any questions or wants a little more detail just let me know. I’m here to serve. Okay, back to my story.

Anaheim Ducks v. 7. Detroit Red Wings: The Ducks struggled earlier last season before turning it around a bit. It wasn’t enough to make the playoffs, however. This year, they got out to a great start, and in a shortened season that was enough to help them hold on to the Pacific Division. That isn’t to damn them with faint praise. They’ve got talent. Ryan Getzlaf bounced back in a major way. Francois Beauchemin had a career year. They have some depth as well. The interesting question will be which goalie they go with. Jonas Hiller and surprise newcomer Viktor Fasth played nearly the same amount of games. Fasth had the better numbers. Hiller is the veteran with NHL experience. Which will they go with, and will the leash be short?

So, I am not so sure how I managed to link blood, cars and NLP in this post, but as long as you make sense of some of it or all of it, that’s what counts!